Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X

The Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X is a fast graphics card offering impressive performance for gamers and multimedia users alike. With a base clock speed of 710MHz, 720 CUDA cores also the effective memory clock speed of 4600MHz, it can handle intensive tasks with ease. It has 1GB of GDDR5 RAM with a 128-bit memory bus providing an impressive bandwidth of 74.2GB/s, which ensures incredibly smooth frame rates in even the most demanding games. It also supports DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.2 and OpenCL 1.2 making it well-suited for demanding applications. The Vapor-X operates with a maximum TDP of 86W and fits into a PCI Express 2 slot. At 201mm long and 104.35mm high, it is also relatively compact and is built on a 40nm process.

Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X – specs

Clock speeds
Base clock speed:710MHz
Boost clock speed:no data
Memory clock speed:1160MHz
Effective memory clock speed:4600MHz
Memory size:1GB
Memory type:GDDR5
Memory Bus:128bit
Bandwidth:74.2 GB/s
Graphics features
Card details
Process size:40 nm
Cuda cores:720
PCI Express version:2

Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X - FAQ

Is Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X graphics good for gaming?

Shader clock speed: 1420MHzThe Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X with its base clock speed of 710MHz, 1160MHz memory clock speed, 720 cuda cores, 1GB memory size, GDDR5 memory type and 128bit memory bus offer decent performance for older games but lacks the power to handle more modern games.

What is the equivalent of the Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X?

Nearly equal in efficiency to the Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X card is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 SE graphics card.

How many watts does the Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X use?

The Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X at its peak consumes around 86 watts.

How many GBs of RAM does the Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X have?

The Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X has 1GB of RAM.

How many CUDA cores does the Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X have?

The Sapphire HD 6750 Vapor-X is equipped with 720 CUDA cores.

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